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If you're the owner or an operator of a flying school you will no doubt have your own in-house theory examinations.

With PCE Builder you can create online examinations that replicate the CASA CyberExam delivery and make these available to your students.

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Below are some benefits of using PCE Builder:

  • Creativity
  • Like all flight training schools, you have your own approved theory exams for pre-Solo, pre-Area Solo, BAK, GPS ground courses, etc. Paper based exams are a thing of the past. Create a paper free environment and streamline the examination process.
  • Flexibility
  • PCE Builder allows you to create exams with different question formats. The most popular; multiple choice, allows for easy student performance comparison. Fill in the blank type questions allow evaluation without guessing. Perhaps you ask questions that require approximate calculations - for example TODR or MTOW questions. With 'numeric range' questions, you can introduce tolerance boundaries.
  • Automation
  • Create subjects, then add questions. Once you have your pool of questions set all that's left to do is create the examination. Exam questions can be randomly generated so that no two students will have an identical experience.
  • Security
  • PCE Builder gives you complete control over the security to your examinations. You can block access and only allow connections to the system from specific network or IP addresses. Examinations can be delivered over SSL/https to increase security. The exam is also encoded inside the browser to prevent the copying of questions.
  • Familiarity
  • For most students the first attempt at a CASA CyberExam will be for their PPL theory. Because PracticeCyberExams.com replicates the CASA CyberExam delivery system in almost every detail, students can get familiar and comfortable before attempting CASA deliveries.
  • Reporting and Auditing
  • PCE Builder provides extensive reporting tools and centrally manages your in-house examinations. You can download reports in various formats (MS Word, MS Excel & PDF). The software can also send daily, weekly or monthly email reports. As you would come to expect, the system also allows you to download printable formats of your student's examinations as if they had attempted them on paper.
  • Redundancy
  • Every PCE Builder package includes a comprehensive redundancy service. Your database is automatically backed up twice daily to secure remote media and can usually be restored within 24 hours if the unfortunate happens.



Minimum Requirements

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How much does it cost?

Package Exams supported Initial Cost Monthly Cost
Basic PCE Builder Access Up to 2 $399.00 N/A
Standard PCE Builder Access Up to 4 $699.00 N/A
Ultimate PCE Builder Access Unlimited $1,299.00 N/A