PracticeCyberExams.com was established in February 2009. The site was designed and developed to help pilots prepare for the CASA CyberExam system.

For most student pilots the first exposure to the CASA CyberExam system is when they sit the PPL (Private Pilot Licence) theory exam.

Whilst there are several "Practice" CyberExams available from the big theory providers, PracticeCyberExams.com is the first to provide custom built examinations that "look 'n' feel" exactly like the CASA CyberExam system; achieved using our unique exam building software - PCE Builder.

Each exam is delivered using our web based software which attempts to replicate the CASA CyberExam system in almost every detail. Our exam system is also the first to be Mozilla Firefox compatible.

Do you have an aspiration of becoming a Flight Instructor? PracticeCyberExams.com is the first online entity to deliver practice CyberExams for the CASA Pilot Instructor Rating Common (PIRC) examination - formerly known as the AFR1. We deliver seven unique examinations from our database of 350 questions.

We are currently planning to deliver practice CyberExams for the BAK (Basic Aeronautical Knowledge) and Private Pilot Licence (PPL) examinations in the very near future.

The features provided by our exam delivery system have many benefits.
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