PIRC - Pilot Instructor Rating Common (PIRC)

Formerly known as the AFR1 exam.

This practice CyberExam will prepare you for the CASA Pilot Instructor Rating Common (PIRC) exam.

  • Updated to reflect CASR Part 61 changes!
  • 350 separate and unique questions
  • 7 unique practice exams are available with 50 questions per exam
  • Functionally identical to the actual CASA CyberExam system
  • Questions are based on the FAA Aviation Instructor Handbook
  • Time limit is 2.0 hours
  • Pass mark 75%
  • KDR report available indicating which questions you answer incorrectly
  • KDR provides references to the subject syllabus and FAA handbook
  • Save your exam for later marking
  • All exams contain a 15 minute practice
  • The syllabus for the PIRC exam is published in CASR Part 61 MOS - Schedule 3, Section 2.4. An extract of the Instructor Rating syllabus can be downloaded here.

Cost: $99.00 (Includes 7 premium marking credits)
Additional Marking Credits: $9.50ea

Note: This practice exam does not contain CASA questions, however
the questions do closely resemble what to expect in the actual examination.