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PIRC practice exams are ready for purchase! Our PIRC package is great value - $99.00 for access to 7 practice exams - 350 unique questions to prepare you for the CASA Pilot Instructor Rating Common (PIRC) Examination. Formerly known as the AFR1 examination, all questions have now been updated to reflect the CASR Part 61 syllabus. Register Now and then purchase the exams - easy!

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We're proud to finally release PCE Builder. Create and deliver your own in-house CyberExams that mimic the CASA system. Read more.
Special thanks go to the Royal Victorian Aero Club for their ongoing support of PCE Builder. RVAC successfully deliver practice cyber exams that look identical to the CASA system on a day to day basis using our system!

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We provide practice CyberExams that are functionally identical to the CASA CyberExam system and we've been doing this since 2009!

PracticeCyberExams.com offers an opportunity for you to become completely comfortable with using the CASA exam system before you attempt the real thing.

We currently have practice CyberExams available for the following subjects:
  • PIRC - Pilot Instructor Rating Common (PIRC) Read more.
PracticeCyberExams.com is a great tool for preparing you for the CASA CyberExam system - but don't take our word for it. Visit our testimonials to see what others have to say.

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We've recently switched to a new online payment solution and unfortunately we no longer accept PayPal payments. Any purchases through PayPal prior to September 2019 can still be refunded if required.

PIRC CyberExams

Formerly known as the AFR1 examination, all database questions have now been updated to reflect CASR Part 61 Manual of Standards, Schedule 3, Section 2.4. Feel confident in attempting the real exam by completing our practice CyberExams.

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"I recently sat the PIRC examination and passed with 98%. PracticeCyberExams.com was a great resource in helping me study for this exam. Thanks heaps!"
Paul, Orange NSW

"The Practice CyberExam system is wonderful. It allows us to change the exam at the press of a button. I would recommend the system to any school."
Andrew, Royal Victorian Aero Club, VIC

"Today I sat and passed (90%) the AFR1 exam with ASL. There is no doubt in my mind that my success in passing this examination was as a result of purchasing and practicing with the AFR1 package."
Roy, Cairns QLD

"I managed to do my AFR1 theory exam mid to late Dec 09. Passed, got 92%, thanks heaps for your practice cyber exams. Now I just have to find time to work on the practical test part."
Darren, NSW

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